About This Site

​Bermuda Laws Online provides you with two methods of accessing Legislation. The first method is through the "Annual Laws" collection. The Annual Laws are arranged by year and contain all of the legislation passed by the Legislature, and Statutory Instruments made, from 1998–present (and some earlier material from 1993).

The second method is through the "Consolidated Laws" collection. The Consolidated Laws contain the amended text of legislation and will be updated regularly. In order to ascertain when the last amendment was made, see the “Amended By” section which is usually on the last page of each Consolidated law. This indicates the last year that the Act or Statutory Instrument was amended along with the number of the amending Act or Statutory Instrument (e.g., 2002 : 36 or BR 67 / 2007). "BR" stands for "Bermuda Regulation".

In order to obtain hard copies of Annual laws prior to 1993 and earlier legislative material, users are advised to contact the Bermuda Archives, the National Library or the Supreme Court Library.

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