Latest Developments

Government Ministerial Portfolios

​​Government Ministerial Portfolios was updated 27 October 2022.

Current Ministers and Assigned Responsibilities

​There is now a link called "Ministerial Responsibilities" that can be found on the Government Ministerial Portfolios page, which provides a detailed description of the current Ministers and their assigned responsibilities.

Standing Orders of the House of Assembly

​The Standing Orders of the House of Assembly made under section 45 of the Constitution were approved and adopted by resolution on 3rd October 2013 and can be found at They supersede the Rules of the House of Assembly which have been removed from this website.

Laws not yet in force

​*Green font used in legislation made after January 2010 to indicate laws, or sections of laws, that are not yet in force.  For complete listing, see "Laws Not In Force"

​Police and Criminal Evidence Act

​Police and Criminal Evidence Act 2006 (PACE) in force dates indicated by the table at the end of the Act.

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